Darlene sat at the bar, nursing her third drink. It wasn’t exactly her usual way of spending a Saturday night, but her client had turned out to be a jerk who thought he was going to get out of paying her, and the whole thing had turned ugly, and to make a long story short, she just wanted to sit here and drink and pretend she was something other than a glorified whore.

When the man sat down beside her and said hello she was ready to tell him to buzz off, until she looked at him. He was ridiculously good looking, dressed well, and didn’t make her skin crawl like most of the guys who approached her did these days. She found herself smiling back at him and saying hello. His name was Greg, and he offered to buy her a drink. She accepted. He didn’t it her with some cheesy pick up line or some smutty suggestion. He talked about the city (he had lived there for a couple years now), the festival going on that weekend, and some recent events in the local news. She was pleasantly surprised and very pleased. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Her instincts about people were never wrong, and they said this guy was the real deal. After a couple of drinks, she found herself inviting him back to her place with the refreshingly innocent intent of them watching a couple of movies they had discussed and found they both liked.

When they arrived Darlene made coffee and offered him a slice of homemade cheesecake. As they enjoyed their snack and watched the first movie, Darlene realized she was feeling physically attracted to this man. But he hadn’t made a single move on her. Wasn’t he interested? Didn’t he find her attractive? Darlene decided to move just a bit closer and snuggle a little. This was unusual for her, as it was usually the guy she was with who couldn’t wait to start groping and grabbing on her, sometimes even in public. Greg didn’t move a muscle as she skootched closer to him. Even when she gently laid a hand on his thigh, he remained engrossed in the movie.

Darlene found that she was becoming a bit annoyed. She excused herself and went to the restroom. She slipped off her sun dress long enough to remove her bra and panties, then she put it back on and rejoined Greg on the sofa. She sat down even closer this time, and laid her head on his shoulder. She expected him to put his arm around her when she did this, but that didn’t happen. After a few moments she asked if he would mind if she laid her head in his lap to “get comfortable”. He said that would be fine. Darlene stretched out on the sofa and rested her head in Greg’s lap. As she repositioned herself on the sofa she allowed her sun dress to “accidentally” slip to the side, exposing her breast.

Greg didn’t notice.

Darlene began moving her head around in his lap, pretending to look for a comfortable position but in reality rubbing her head against his cock. She felt him get hard, but he still seemed to be paying no attention to her whatsoever. Mid-way through the movie there was a very graphic sex scene. Darlene was certain this would get him revved up and things would progress from there. When the scene came on, however, he showed no reaction. Just continued watching the movie.

Darlene decided to amp things up a bit. She began moaning softly as the sex scene played out. She let her hand slide over her exposed breast and play with it. Still, Greg didn’t notice. The movie scene combined with her desire for this man was too much to take. She sat up and looked at Greg.

“Why don’t you like me?” she asked, exasperated.

“What are you talking about?” Greg asked. “Of course I like you!”

“But you’re not paying any attention to me!” She said.

“Of course I am,” Greg said. “I’ve been paying attention to you all night. Especially when you went into the bathroom and took off your underwear, and when you showed me your tit when you laid down in my lap, and when you were playing with yourself. My dick got hard as a rock. You had to feel that.”

“I DID, but you didn’t touch me. You just sat there watching that stupid movie and ignoring me!”

“And look how horny you are now. Sweetheart, I thought it might be nice for YOU to be the one who approach ME for some hot sex, since you must have men coming on to you all the time.”

Darlene smiled. He wanted it to be her choice. That turned her on even more.

She stood up and took off the sun dress. Then she straddled Greg’s lap. She unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, her hard nipples grazing his chest as she did so. He made no move to touch her. This was driving her crazy. She rubbed her tits across his chest, then on his face. As she did this, he slid a hand between her legs and held it still. She couldn’t stand it and began gyrating against his hand. He lifted his thumb and it came in connection with her clit. She rubbed herself against his thumb as he licked her nipples. She couldn’t take it anymore. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock. She stood up, turned around, and sat back down on his lap, sliding his dick deep inside her wet pussy as she did. Greg slid one hand in front of her and began playing with her clit as she rode him. He grabbed her tit with the other hand and pinched her nipple until she cried out in pleasure. He bent her over on the sofa and continued ramming into her with his cock as he slid two fingers into her ass. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and replaced his finger with it, hearing her moan as he began ramming into her ass. Suddenly he stopped. Darlene was beside herself. She was about to cum. She began shoving herself onto Greg’s cock, impaling herself on his hard dick, faster and faster as he remained perfectly still. He knew she was close. He reached underneath her and began playing with her clit, rubbing and gently pinching it between his thumb and forefinger. She screamed and began slamming herself into him even harder. He couldn’t take it anymore and he wrapped his other arm around her waist and drove into her ass over and over again until they both exploded.

They collapsed on the sofa. When Darlene was able to speak she said, “Oh my God that was amazing! I have never had…” Her voice trailed off as Greg smiled wickedly, lowered his head between her legs and began licking her clit.

This night was far from over.

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